Grup Ramonet is a family run restaurant company, which currently has three restaurants and a wine bar: Can Ramonet, El Nou Ramonet, La Fresca and La Vinoteca; with a history intrinsically linked to the Barceloneta neighbourhood and its traditional Catalan and seafood cuisine.

Our story begins more than 60 years ago in a small, 18th century winery, located in the heart of the Barceloneta district: Can Ramonet. With its fragrance of wine and sea, it is one of those long-established places, full of contagious delight where the lights never go out. Over time we have grown and now, very close by, El Nou Ramonet opens its doors every day.

Can Ramonet and El Nou Ramonet are the best versions of that small winery. Today, after three generations, Grup Ramonet is the fruit of the good work done by the Francès-Ballarín family, faithful to their warm character and lovers of the flavours of home cooking, high-quality ingredients and local produce.

Fruit and vegetables from the local area, meats from Girona cattle, Joselito Iberian ham, Bay of Biscay anchovies, which come to us in brine, wild fish brought daily by the Barceloneta fishermen, prawns from Palamós, Icelandic cod and “bomba” short-grained rice from the Ebro Delta, which means ours is one of the best paellas in Barcelona. Nowadays, we carry on amongst our pots and pans, paellas, traditional leather bota bags for drinking wine and the wines themselves, working together, carefully choosing the raw ingredients and cooking at home, surrounded by the enthusiasm of the fourth generation of the family, a living part of the long history we pass on to them on a daily basis.

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