Come to meet the oldest tavern in Barcelona’s port.



The ideal place for your family celebrations
or your company events in a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.



The “La Fresca” place in la Barceloneta as its name suggests (freshest).



You can find more than 800 different brands of wine,
cava and champagne as well as gourmet products
and beers from all over the world.


Grup Ramonet

Restaurants of traditional cuisine in Barceloneta

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Afert 60 years, Can Ramonet is a long-established restaurant, located in the heart of the Barceloneta district. with tradition and modernity going hand in hand. Full of great food and contagious joy, Can Ramonet retains its warm character and the flavours of home cooking, offering a carefully selected Mediterranean cuisine and an inviting atmosphere in which to enjoy an excellent gastronomic experience that comes from the ingredients from the sea and other fresh high-quality and local produce.

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When Can Ramonet outgrew itself, El Nou Ramonet opened its doors: a perfect restaurant for large or small groups, as it also has a spacious, functional, multi-purpose area, with private rooms equipped for all types of celebrations, get-togethers and reunions. The highlights of the menu, based on traditional seafood cuisine, are rounded off with an extensive wine list. Excellent rice dishes, home-made tapas, the seafood and the wild fish, cooked to perfection.

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La Fresca is our most avant-guard restaurant; a cosy, comfortable corner of the Barceloneta, it is the perfect place to enjoy a great food, accompanied by a good vermouth, a glass of wine or a cold beer. You can start the day with an energising breakfast, come and have brunch, enjoy yourself sharing some tapas, get together to have a bite to eat with friends, have a beer while watching the football, or give yourself a treat by ordering our home made hamburger. High-quality products at excellent prices.

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La Vinoteca is a place committed to the present, without forgetting the traditions of the neighbourhood and the family that gave it life. With its launch in 2007, the new generation of the Ramonet Group pays tribute to its origins with this establishment which retains the atmosphere of the previous wineries Inside, more than 800 leading wines, cavas and champagnes of diverse denominations of origin share the stage with an up to date selection of liqueurs, beers and gourmet aperitif products. At La Vinoteca everything is designed to offer the experience of the pleasure small pairings.