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Discover our restaurants

Each of our restaurants has a unique story to tell and unforgettable flavors to share. Whether you’re looking for a culinary experience rooted in tradition, a modern twist on classic dishes or an innovative fusion of the best of both worlds, our restaurants await to take you on an exceptional gastronomic journey.

Can Ramonet

A Journey through History

Can Ramonet, the oldest tavern in Barcelona, invites you to discover where history and flavor are found in each dish. With more than 65 years of tradition in the heart of Barceloneta, every bite here is a tribute to authentic Mediterranean and seafood cuisine. Immerse yourself in the essence of Barceloneta and live an experience that transcends time.

El Nou Ramonet

Modernity and Tradition

The Nou Ramonet is the ideal destination for lovers of traditional Catalan seafood cuisine, presented in a contemporary and modern atmosphere. Perfect for any occasion, from an intimate dinner to a special celebration, El Nou Ramonet promises a culinary experience that will last in your memory.

La Fresca

An Innovative Touch

At La Fresca, the traditional and the modern intertwine to offer you a unique gastronomic experience. Our more alternative restaurant invites you to explore tapas and quality dishes with a gourmet touch in an informal and welcoming atmosphere. Get ready to enjoy bold flavors and an incomparable atmosphere.